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1972 - Charter Year

The very first regular meeting of the Optimist Club of Komoka was held on Monday, June 28, 1972, at the Coach Light Inn. There were 26 members and 6 guests in attendance. Some committees were formed and the uphill struggle to become accepted by the community began.

The first year of any organization is very difficult because of lack of funds to put on various programs that we wanted to get involved in. The “big push” the first year was on fund raising. Projects included a raffle of a

gas barbecue, a Stag night, a Turkey Bingo, a gallon jar of “Good Cheer”, regular Bingo’s, an Auction sale, selling charcoal, and operating the food booth at the ball park for the summer.

In August of 1972, my job took me to Ottawa and Vice President Bernie Lee chaired the meetings. It was decided on November 7th to elect a new President for the remainder of the year and Barney McCann was elected President.

Projects that our Club carried out during the first year were the Boys soccer program, the Children’s Christmas Party for the village, an Oratorical Contest and making an Ice Rink at the Komoka park (the weather did not co-operate for this venture).

Dick VanZanden published the monthly news bulletin. The Bicycle Safety program was implemented in cooperation with Parkview School, the Delaware Lions Club and the OPP. This rodeo was held on May 5, 1973 at Parkview School in Komoka and Our Lady of Lourdes in Delaware.

The original questionnaire was sent out to all residents by the Optimist Club asking what they would like to see in the community: a Community Centre, an Arena, or a concrete pad for tennis courts. When the questionnaires were tallied, THE COMMUNITY CENTRE was the priority. The seed for a new Community Centre was sown.

I think we had a very good year, thanks to all the hard work from everyone.

Reported by President, Eugene Hathaway, 1972

Number of Members = 25

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