Objectives for this year included Membership and Involvement, participation in Optimist programs and leadership in the community. Programs and activities included Youth Appreciation, Bicycle Safety Rodeo, Respect for Law, Oratorical contest, Halloween treats and haunted house at the Optimist Hall, Children’s Christmas party at Parkview school, sponsoring ice time for Parkview school skating, operating minor baseball program, holding an appreciation banquet, Summerfest, the first citizen of the year presentation (Ron Davis), started the planning and preparation for the Komoka Park tennis courts, holding free Sunday evening family movies at the Optimist hall, joining the community in the Mother’s day pancake breakfast and sponsoring minor hockey and soccer.

The Club participated in distribution of “New Testament” books to the community and made a donation to the Mission Services of London.

The planning of the proposed community centre continued, and the Club struggled on how it was going to raise the $25,000 pledge. One suggestion was a large provincially licensed raffle. Large government run lotteries were just beginning which made other lotteries not very profitable. To raise the $25000 pledge the Club designated 6 specific projects; members personal donations, Elimination draw and Stag night, Walk-A-Thon, Stanley Cup lottery, Summerfest, and 10% of any other money raised by the Club (including the fine session at dinner meetings), and this
money was to go into a separate bank account. At year end the account had $393.14, a long way from $25,000.

The Fall Dance scheduled to be held in Delaware had a set-back when a week before the dance we were informed that a liquor license would not be issued (the aftermath of liquor related charges in Mt Brydges). The keen vision of some members allowed us to go ahead with the event with exclusive rights to ice sales. We ended up with a profit and lots of ice buckets inventory.

Other fund raising included Stag nights, Youth Supporter Draw and dance, Cheerfor-the-year draw, weekly bingos, Stanley cup Draw, and Summerfest with a special live 1000 lb steer draw.

The Opt-Mrs Club was formed by wives of members and they assisted in various Club projects, running the food booth at weekly bingos, hosting a Wine and Cheese party and organizing a marching baton group. This well dressed Baton group participated in several area events as well as the District Convention in London where they paraded in front of many thousands of people at the Western Fair Grandstand.

The Club received the District membership trophy at the Stork Club in Port Stanley for the largest membership increase in the District the previous year. An Optimist of the month Award was instigated by LT Governor Paul Aarts and the following members were recognized for their volunteer time and effort; Bill McGibbon, Cliff Myles, John Forsyth, Martin VanMeyal, Paul Aarts. Larry Welch, Bob Arnsby, Bob Lilley, Sheldon Boyle.

Fellowship continued to be an important part of the Club and this included very enjoyable and entertaining programs at the dinner meetings, a members’ New Year’s party, and starting the pot-of-gold draw at dinner meetings.

Our membership became steady with 6 new members added and a similar were deleted due to moving away. Twenty of our 34 members earned and received the perfect attendance award. Bill McGibbon received a Certificate of Excellence for his sponsoring and follow up of members. The Club earned a Presidential Citation, Friend of Youth Award, the Community Service Award and was the leading Club in our Zone.

Reported by President, Paul Mylemans 1975
Number of Members = 34

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